In the summer of 2011 the GLAAM Board of Directors established a formal Awards Program for the purpose of recognizing those GLAAM members who have gone above and beyond in providing volunteer service to the Mensa organization at all levels. The Awards Program is designed to objectively track all of the volunteer service that members do throughout their time as members of the Greater Los Angeles Area Mensa chapter. A Standing Committee was established to carry on this work of updating and maintaining the information so that the program would be sustainable and ongoing as GLAAM heads into its sixth decade of existence… and beyond!

There are two primary components of the Awards Program.

The first seeks to recognize contemporary work from exceptional members. The Member of the Year Award recognizes the individual who contributed the most to GLAAM during a particular award year. The Rookie of the Year is a way of recognizing the energy and enthusiasm of a new member to GLAAM who became an active volunteer early on in his or her GLAAM membership.

The second component tracks the historical and cumulative contributions of our members over the years. The Hall of Fame recognizes those members who have performed outstanding and sustained service for years while members of GLAAM. The threshold for induction into the Hall of Fame will have required the equivalent service of more than seven years serving as a LocSec, RG Chair, or Editor of the newsletter. Beyond the Bronze level of the Hall of Fame, we also recognize service at the Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels noting the additional contributions of those individuals who continued to serve Mensa in a variety of ways. Many of these honorees are still contributing members of the GLAAM chapter and we honor their continued work.

From time to time, GLAAM has awarded a number of Certificates of Appreciation honoring significant contribution over a number of years. The Awards Program also acknowledges these recognitions.